• Employees will suffer fewer sicknesses at work due to startle environment

  • Increasing your bottom line by decreasing the number of sick days in your facility

  • No toxin chemical in your facility and saves money because our products are diluted with cold water - this is the "Green" advantage. 

  • ​Provide you with in house audits, to ensure the quality and standard of your clean meets, not only your approval, but "The Germ Free Standard"

  • Guaranteed to talk with live personnel and your phone calls returned in the same business day

  • Eliminating cross contamination in your facility

About us

Serving the Oklahoma City Metro Area Since 2007


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Over 60,000 hours of hands on service


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There was a need in the Oklahoma City Metro Area for a commercial cleaning company that stood by their word, help eliminate cross contamination and germs in the work place, and deliver great customer service. We wanted to build a company based on integrity, trust, dependability, green products and equipment, color coded germ free cleaning system, and open communication and we have succeeded!


Not only is the company growing at a rapid pace, we are making a difference on a much larger scale by saving the earth while we clean. With our Green Sealed Certified cleaning products along with our green equipment, we make cleaning safe for you, the environment, and our workers.


We invite you to be a part of a new and improved standard of commercial cleaning. We want to be your go to cleaning company and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Our #1 goal is to provide our clients with an experience and not just a service. Through our cleaning processes and systems we strive to increase your bottom line by decreasing the number of sicks days taken in your facility.

Germ Free Cleaning is a health conscious commercial cleaning company. Not only are our products "green sealed certified" but with our uniquely designed color coded germ free cleaning system we provide a safe place for you and the environment.


Our mission is simple: re-defining the standard for commercial cleaning one client at a time!

Ready to work with us?

Germ Free Cleaning is a full-service commercial cleaning business founded upon principals of quality and best value. We are in business to create and deliver precision and value for our clients. 

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14355 Glenview Dr.

Choctaw, OK 73020

We customize our hours to fit what your commercial office needs.

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We are a “GREEN” commercial cleaning company, which means whatever products that are “green seal certified” we use! What is the “Green Seal Certification”? The certification is only put on products that have been tested and are found to be less toxic in pollution and waste, conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize global warming. The products we use do not have harsh smells and they make the air safe for everyone to breath. We also use recycled equipment such as mop handles, mop heads, and rags. We use HEPA and Four level filtration system vacuum cleaners. That means they keep dirt and dust inside and it does not get back into the air. Less dust means less allergen’s in your office.

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