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Germ Free Cleaning uses mainly Green Seal Certified products. Not only are we committed to cleaning every corner of your facility, we are committed to saving the earth while we do it. Listed below are our chemicals and equipment.


GREEN PRODUCTS: These products meet the Green Seal™ environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

by Buckeye


Buckeye Terminator is a heavy-duty quaternary-based disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer.

by Buckeye


Tenacity is an all-purpose cleaner that quickly breaks down and lifts soils, and prevents them from being redeposited on your surfaces.

by Buckeye


Star Spray is a ready-to-use glass cleaner for use on glass, windows, mirrors, Plexiglas®, plastic, glossy paint, stainless steel, counter tops, Formica®, etc.

by Pro Team the Vacuum Company


In the facilities we use a Super Coach Vac. Made by Pro Team the Vacuum Company. Pro Team vacuums retrieve soil and safely contain harmful particles, preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment. The four levels of filtration are at least 99.7% efficient in filtering particles measuring 1 micron and larger.

by Eureka


Also in some facilities we use the Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The Eureka has a sealed HEPA Filtration System that captures 99.97% of the dust and allergens in your home/office. It vacuums up allergy-causing particles from each surface.

Germ Free Cleaning is a full-service commercial cleaning business founded upon principals of quality and best value. We are in business to create and deliver precision and value for our clients. 

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We are a “GREEN” commercial cleaning company, which means whatever products that are “green seal certified” we use! What is the “Green Seal Certification”? The certification is only put on products that have been tested and are found to be less toxic in pollution and waste, conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize global warming. The products we use do not have harsh smells and they make the air safe for everyone to breath. We also use recycled equipment such as mop handles, mop heads, and rags. We use HEPA and Four level filtration system vacuum cleaners. That means they keep dirt and dust inside and it does not get back into the air. Less dust means less allergen’s in your office.

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