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The Germ Free Difference

Germ Free Cleaning are experienced experts in commercial and office space cleaning in the Oklahoma City and Metro area. 

Since 2007, Germ Free Cleaning has provided a reliable, dependable and spot-less service to small business in Oklahoma. We built a company based on integrity, trust, dependability, green products and equipment, color coded germ free cleaning system, and open communication and we have succeeded! Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart form the competition. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

We've proudly been users of Buckeye Terminator Disinfectant before we knew the term pandemic or COVID-19. Buckeye Terminator is the approved virus disinfectant. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CLEANING SOLUTIONS  →


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Our mission is simple: re-defining the standard for commercial cleaning one client at a time!



Did you know? Desktops have almost 21,000 germs per square inch and phones more than 25,000 per square inch (compared with a mere 49 per square inch on toilet seats).


Did you know? Virus can survive up to 18 hours on hard surfaces (desk top, key boards, telephone, ect.)


Did you know? $225.8 billion lost per year due to unplanned sick days in the workplace & It is estimated that you breathe in 2 heaping teaspoons of air particles a day.


Fernandos and his crew are really committed to helping businesses keep their employees healthy. The things that they do that your typical cleaning company does not do will help your business be more productive because of fewer sick day. I would highly recommend them.


Proudly Green SEal Certified

Germ Free Cleaning uses mainly Green Seal Certified products. Not only are we committed to cleaning every corner of your facility, we are committed to saving the earth while we do it. Listed below are our chemicals and equipment.


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Germ Free Cleaning is a full-service commercial cleaning business founded upon principals of quality and best value. We are in business to create and deliver precision and value for our clients. 

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We are a “GREEN” commercial cleaning company, which means whatever products that are “green seal certified” we use! What is the “Green Seal Certification”? The certification is only put on products that have been tested and are found to be less toxic in pollution and waste, conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize global warming. The products we use do not have harsh smells and they make the air safe for everyone to breath. We also use recycled equipment such as mop handles, mop heads, and rags. We use HEPA and Four level filtration system vacuum cleaners. That means they keep dirt and dust inside and it does not get back into the air. Less dust means less allergen’s in your office.

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